Friday, March 21, 2008


So... we got the keys to our house early!! we have already begun painting.. we painted the living room and dining room yellow! i know.. it may be sort of out there, but it looks beautiful.. i am spending today cleaning (obviously im not doing a great job of it) and packing! i have been thinking about all the people preparing to be married, and i am so excited for them.. what a blessing to find the person God has for you and how wonderful it is to always have him with you. me and jacob are one of the couples that get to fall into the category of "very difficult first year", but we have grown so much from that time and our relationship has become so strong.. i know that there will continue to be struggles, but i know we can make it.

im in love

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aprilmcgrew said...


I am so excited for you and everything that's been going on in your life! I just wanted to say, Todd and I have went through that "very difficult first year" too. Some days I despaired because it seemed like we were the only couple in the world going through it. Just know you're not alone. :)