Monday, March 31, 2008

sooo... in case its possible that you have stumbled upon this site and not seen my facebook, jacob and I are having a baby girl!! we found out last week, but ive been pretty busy traveling and painting.. I cant believe I am graduating in one month. my gosh, i have been here for WAY too long, and I am sooooo ready to go. Exciting things are happening in Jacobs future as well, he is thinking about going to nursing school in december, I am SO excited for him. He is so smart, i know he will breeze through it. Most likely he will keep going and maybe become a CRNA or nurse practitioner. Anyway, we shall see.

love love

Friday, March 21, 2008


So... we got the keys to our house early!! we have already begun painting.. we painted the living room and dining room yellow! i know.. it may be sort of out there, but it looks beautiful.. i am spending today cleaning (obviously im not doing a great job of it) and packing! i have been thinking about all the people preparing to be married, and i am so excited for them.. what a blessing to find the person God has for you and how wonderful it is to always have him with you. me and jacob are one of the couples that get to fall into the category of "very difficult first year", but we have grown so much from that time and our relationship has become so strong.. i know that there will continue to be struggles, but i know we can make it.

im in love

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

so this is our new house! It sits on ten acres of land and we are so excited about the open space and relaxing feel that it has. We get the keys April 1st, and are going to begin renovating some things that we would like to change. The house is in beautiful condition, we just have some cosmetic changes that we'd like to make. I have interviewed with Nacogdoches Medical Center in Nacogdoches for the Labor and Delivery unit and I should be finding out about that pretty soon. Jacob is available for management on March 25th, so we are excited about that as well. Also, we will be finding out on the same day March 25th whether the baby is a boy or a girl!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hey everyone!
I have created thist website so that all of our friends and family can visit it and stay updated on our lives!