Friday, August 21, 2009


hey guys!
I figured it may be time for an update, and here lately, I have had a lot of time on my hands so Id better take advantage of it.
In April (four days before what would have been camdyns first birthday) jacob and i found out that we are expecting again. What a blessing!!! I dont know why I was so surprised to see that positive pregnancy test, but I had seen SO many negative ones that I never thought it would happen. We knew that this was going to be difficult with all the fears and worries of anyone that has lost a baby and then became pregnant again, so my Dr. recommended a specialist for us to see. We would travel every three weeks to shreveport to see him and he would measure my cervix. About a month ago, I had an episode of cramping for about three days. I ended up going up to labor and delivery and hooking myself up to the monitor. My dr ordered a cervical length ultrasound and everything seemed fine. Well, I went to my dr in shreveport a few days later and my cervix had changed pretty drastically for such a short period of time. So.. he recommended bedrest and everyone that I work with pretty much agreed and told me that I couldnt come back to work!! (not because they dont love me, but they were very worried). So, for the past month, I have been on bedrest. Jacob has been working in galveston for the past three months and coming home on the weekends. It hasnt been easy. Since I am unable to work now, we moved out and in with my mom. Jacob still has two weeks until he will come back to nacogdoches and be with me. This has been an extremely difficult time. I try to remind myself that this is such a short period of time, and we both know that our sweet baby girl will be SO worth it when she gets here. I am now 23 weeks pregnant (almost six months). I have never been pregnant this long, so from here on out, everything will be new. I am so thankful that that Lord has allowed me to carry this baby for this long and Im praying that I can carry her to term. Due to the "not allowed to work" issue, some friends and family have put together a benefit for jacob and myself. I am just so humbled by the amount of people that are wanting to help us. It is so humbling. Please keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


wow! it has been a really long time since I wrote, and Im not sure if anyone reads this anymore, but in case you do, here is the latest news with jacob and myself!

we moved.. the week before christmas, our landlord came to us and told us that she wanted her son to move in the house that we were currently living in - so.. we moved. thankfully the Lord brought brad and jayna into our lives because they offered to let us rent from them :) so.. now we live WAY closer to town, and for WAY cheaper !!!

jacob is in his second semester at panola and he is absolutely brilliant. he just "gets" everything that he is supposed to be learning, and already knows SO much more than is expected of him. i am so very excited to see where the Lord leads him after nursing school ! Right now, he is gearing towards CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthesist) school, but who knows where he will be when he is finished.

i have been working in labor & delivery for eight months, and i am still loving it! i began working nights about two weeks ago, and though it is an adjustment, i am really truly enjoying it and the wonderful people i work with. i have learned so much and met so many wonderful people through my job, and i know that the Lord deliberately placed me here :)

jacob and i joined holly springs baptist church back in september (i believe) and have absolutely been blessed beyond words at that wonderful place :) the Lord has placed a tremendous group of friends in our lives that jacob and i get overwhelmed sometimes with all the love. When we left marshall, we prayed that God would bring us friends, and He did!!

this past christmas, jacob and i thought it would great for his brother jonathan to come to nacogdoches and go to sfa, so he applied and got accepted! jacob is really enjoying having his brother here to hang out with.. well.. jacob is enjoying having ALOT of boys to hang out with..

it has almost been one year since camdyn's birth.. i cannot believe it has already been that long.. we have had a rough year mouring, and learning to live with the pain of losing someone so precious. BUT.. the Lord is sovereign and has allowed us to see purpose in her short life and her death.. i am so thankful for the experience and for Him allowing me to meet her face to face..i know that i never would have made it a year, much less a day without the Lord helping me.. and i know that i have many more difficult days to come but i WILL see her sweet little face again and i am so thankful for that, and i am so thankful for the healing that the Lord has brought us and the wonderful friends that are there for me along the way!

well thats about it :)